• Hayim Mizrachi, Dori Koren & Jarrad Katz

Welcome, Bavette’s—What took you so long?

We were just coming off an OverRye evening at Prime. It’s difficult to compete with an evening that includes a celebrity chef, the Bellagio fountains and an established steakhouse. Bavette’s, however, was up to the challenge. And let us say: She was graceful, stunning and just marvelous, darling!

This was Jarrad’s selection after visiting the Chicago venue where Bavette’s originated. We were a little concerned to go so early; Bavette’s in the Monte Carlo Hotel had been open for less than 30 days. But, once we walked through the gorgeously appointed front door, we were whisked away by the “French flair without the formality.”

The crew this night included: Jamie “Officer Hops” Prosser Jon “Be” Still Matt “La Muse” Horowich

“I arrived after everyone else. The crew sent me a text that they were at the back bar. I did two laps until one of the servers recognized that I was a bit lost. Then… he showed me the back parlor room!” – Hayim

Story/Atmosphere | Rating: 9

The elegant front door really sets the tone. Once inside, we could just make out the distinct red leather banquettes and glowing chandeliers. OK, who are we kidding with that poetry? This place is dark! It’s too bad, too, because there is so much design quality between the hostess stand and the dining room, except you don’t see any of it because your eyes need to adjust. But once you get there … it’s gorgeous. It really is. At the center of the restaurant sits an inviting oval bar. It’s the kind of bar you would want to plan your night around because something fancy is likely to happen. But even more likely is that something mysterious would happen in the back parlor bar. If you’re into that sort of thing, anyway. Then you get to the tables, which are decorated with stylish china with a pink floral pattern. The walls have all sorts of interesting things on them. That is if you look up from your whiskey. Which we didn’t.

Service | Rating: 9

Totally and utterly on it! From the moment we walked in and got lost looking for the group in the back bar to when someone (we’re not going to say who) accidentally spilled a classic cocktail and everything in between—the bartenders, waitstaff and sommelier were congruent. Each presented him or herself masterfully in their craft. They were knowledgeable and personable.

Food | Rating: 8

We would say that we got carried away ordering, but that would imply an element of wrongdoing or something like that. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer French onion soup, so Jarrad couldn’t see if Bavette’s would unseat the reigning champ, Prime. But what they did have was baked goat cheese, peppered duck and goat cheese terrine and steak tartar. Now, just as Jarrad loves French onion, so too does Jon love steak tartar. And as steak tartar goes, Jon said Bavette’s is so good that he would return just to order it with beer and French fries. All of the apps were served with thick pieces of toast, and all were good or better than good. The entrees included the double-bone Berkshire pork chop, short rib Stroganoff, Bavette’s spiced fried chicken, traditional filet (but with a peppercorn crust, per Jarrad’s fanciness) and the classic Chicago-cut rib eye. And everything was good. As usual, there were some standout: The ribeye produced some “Oh, wow!” right off the bat. The filet was also enjoyed. The Stroganoff was delicious but very rich. Interestingly, it was the fried chicken that stole the show. The staff highly encouraged that we include it in our smorgasbord and for good reason!

Spirits & Wine | Rating: 9

There is something about a dark, intimate, speakeasy-like atmosphere that makes whiskey taste so much better than it already does. Bavette’s rates off the charts in this regard. The main bar, which sits near the center of the restaurant, is impressive and inviting. If that’s not enough, the parlor room in the back offers an even greater allure. Both bars have a wowing spirits and wine selection to match. We ended up trying several different types of whiskey and Scotch: Auchentoshan, Caol Ila 12-Year, Angel’s Envy and the Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. (It’s your birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!) Dori really liked the Birthday Bourbon. Important note: You have to know about the corkage policy! Basically, the corkage fee is waived if you share a glass with another table. We were smooth: We told the waiter to pick the table that would tip the most! Booya!

Value | Rating: 7

A good dinner is usually going to cost a pretty penny, especially when you add some nice whiskey and wine to the tab. Bavette’s is no exception. (Especially when you order, like, everything on the dang menu.) But just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth it. This is where Bavette stands out. Unlike our recent visit to Prime, the standard fine-dining cost at Bavette’s matched the ambiance, service and flavor of every bite and sip!

Overall | Rating: 9

Bavette’s is the Best New Las Vegas Steakhouse of 2017 … at least for OverRye, that is. Believe it or not, it’s not even the steak that truly makes Bavette’s a top choice. Sure, the steak and all of the food is great, but it takes much more than that to truly standout in the Las Vegas steakhouse environment. It’s about having service that is attentive but not overbearing, food that is flavorful and unique, a whiskey selection that is intriguing and ice spheres or ice blocks, for goodness sakes! Finally, and most importantly, it is a restaurant that delivers an experience, not just a meal. In all of these cases, Bavette’s delivers. Shwing!

What’s the OverRye.com over/under on going back?

  • Dori: “Over. The food was great and the service was even better but, truth be told, it was the speakeasy atmosphere and whiskey selection that stood out the most. Definitely one of my favorite steakhouses, at this point.”

  • Jarrad: “Over. The experience is exceptional! I cannot say enough about the atmosphere and service, and the food is stellar, as well. This is the kind of place that makes you feel good from the moment you walk in the door and you are not really sure why. I will be back.”

  • Hayim: “Over. Every cylinder fired. Every single one. Bavette’s is going to rapidly become a go-to Las Vegas steakhouse. I have recommended Bavette’s plenty since going. Every person said it’s a winner!”

  • Jamie: “Over. A charming steakhouse with classic service and delicious food. Bavette’s is a real gem.”

  • Matt: “Under. Generally, I thought it was a good experience. The remodel of the restaurant is beautiful. although I did think it was a little too dark. Service was on point all night; we were never left waiting for anything. Most of the food was great, however, I found the actual steaks to be a little lackluster and bland. The apps ranged from good (goat cheese in marinara) to great (steak tartar)! The composed dishes were all very good, too, with the standout being the fried chicken. The desserts were fine—not great, not bad. But by that time, we were all full and happy anyway.”

  • Jon: “Over. Definitely over…I thought the atmosphere was amazing. Throwback feel. Awesome dark liquor selection and quality service. All that made up for what I consider to be minor shortcomings on food that will be worked out as the restaurant opens."